"Your ideas were so helpful. We took your advice on the things we could fix quickly and are thrilled with the difference it made.... the paint colors you chose for the dining room and front doors...made a huge impact. We're glad our Realtor recommended you and are totally sold on using a stager in our new city, but this time we'll do it when we're moving in, not out!" --Lisa M., Carmel

We just moved into a new home, and struggling to get unpacked with 3 young children, I called Krista to see if they could help me. They unpacked and put everything in logical, easy to find places. They even came prepared to clean/line shelves. I was thrilled. --Amie H., Indianapolis

Krista did such an amazing job helping me feel settled and at peace in my new home! I lost my husband right before our only child was born in 2014 and this was the first time in the 2 years that I've lost him that I actually felt I could call where we live now - home. It is such an incredible feeling to finally feel like I belong somewhere and our lives can start to move forward. I can't recommend her enough, she was kind and easy to work with, but also professional and got the job done. We mostly tackled my bedroom which has been a tough room for me to settle into since it's the first time I had to set up a bedroom without my husband. She also helped with some decorating ideas and overall I feel much better organized than I did before she came in to help.  --Jenn T., Indianapolis