Selling or dwelling? I can help by working with you to create fresh, updated, functional living spaces through interior design and home staging services. I specialize in Design for the DIY’er!


I LOVE design. Maybe you want your home to look & function better.  Maybe you don't want your home to look like you a) bought it all at rooms-to-go or b) furnished it randomly from garage sales. I see both of these things all the time from frustrated homeowners! Or maybe you feel like something is missing & you don’t know what…or want to upgrade your curb appeal, your color scheme, your faucets & cabinet's your call so read on for your options, geared towards the DIY’er. I take your ideas + my ideas + sourcing + creative planning to = a space that is fresh, affordable, & YOU.

I believe in creating your own idea of who you want to be and using your home as a way to do that. Home should be a place where you tell your story and a soft place to land, a place that inspires and renews.

Every person and home has a story, and I want to help you tell yours. Oh, and if you have questions…please email

You may be wondering what the cost of working with a designer is…and I can assure you that it’s the pretty much most inexpensive piece of the puzzle! It’s all the furniture…rugs…accessories…paint…materials…labor & more that cost the most $$$. And? Buying the wrong [insert whatever-it-s] costs just as much as buying the right [whatever it is].

So don’t cheap out on the design-let’s get it right the first time and get you past the frustration of your room design!

In Home Design Session (Indy AREA) Need some help pulling a look together, or knowing where to even start? Your ideas + my ideas + your DIY = a fabulous space! Click photo link for more info!

Email a Designer Q & A Ideal if you just need some problem solving or 1-2 quick questions answered. I can turn around an Email Q&A within a few days, so you can get an answer pretty quickly! Click photo link for more info

What is E-design? E-design is interior design done virtually. Since I won’t be in your space, I will rely on you for photos and measurements, and we can create a plan for you to DIY. It’s a great way to get a designer look - on a budget. Click photo link for more info!


Know you're going to be moving? Book a consultation as far in advance as you can, in order to carry out the staging plan without the added time-crunch! Click photo link for more info.