What is staging?

At it's most basic, staging is whatever the house needs in order to sell as the best price and for the most money! Our goal is a Model Home Look for your house - a look that will turn house lookers into Home Buyers - Buyers of YOUR home!

Where do I start with staging?

The first step is to book a comprehensive Consultation, where you will get all our best ideas for getting your house ready for sale. After this appointment, we can quote a price for 'hands-on' staging work, whether it's a vacant house, will be occupied while it's on the market, or if it needs some partial staging (this could be bringing in a few key pieces, soft goods, and accessories and artwork) to make it look finished and the most appealing.

How soon can I get my house staged?


How much does staging cost and how long does it take?

Staging Consultations generally can be booked within a week. Depending on the staging project, those are generally booked 10-14 days out, but this can vary depending on how many other projects we're working on so book early!

Our consultation prices and different packages can be found here. Beyond that, all projects are quoted separately. No matter what - staging is a marketing tool and an investment in your home sale....and is always less than the first price reduction. We strive to provide the best service, the best inventory, and the best staging possible. We are not the cheapest option, so if price is the sole reason you would choose us - we are probably not the stagers for you.

We can usually accomplish a vacant staging in a day, utilizing a team of movers and stagers. A hands-on occupied staging can be done in half a day generally, not including shopping (if needed.)