Email a Designer Q & A (click HERE for my philosophy)

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Examples of questions clients have had:

  • Do these colors work together with my (floor/cabinets/trim)?

  • How should I hang my curtains and artwork?

  • What size of area rug should I get, and should I get a loveseat and sofa, or another combination??

  • I want to add a tile backsplash, but I don’t know what to pick and where to end it…etc.!

  • How can I arrange furniture in this room?

You provide your question(s) for a particular room you are wanting help with, along with photos of the room, and I provide:

·     A short questionnaire for you to fill out

·     A written response via email with links to images to illustrate my ideas

·     A general direction (and not specific selections) for you to run with

·     A sketch over one of the images you provide, if applicable (a picture is worth a thousand words!)

I spend about an hour or so on these, to provide you with a comprehensive answer and a visual. For more in-depth questions, or multiple questions, you can purchase another q&a or contact me with your questions about this option. To keep the turnaround time short, project will begin once I receive your photo(s) and questions (not from date of purchase) and expire in one week.

This is a great option if you are wanting to start a project and want to know the potential pitfalls to avoid, or have precise questions/ want troubleshooting help, or need a vote of confidence on what you’re planning to do (and honest feedback), etc. This can be invaluable to save you time, money, and spinning your wheels! 97.00