Online Design Session

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Online Design Session

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Online Design Session - 30 min.

This 30 min. Q&A is ideal if you just need some problem solving or a quick question answered. For instance, if you just need some clarity or confirmation on things like: curb appeal, artwork and accessorizing, paint colors/sheens, backsplash or tile questions, window coverings, furniture placement or the like, I can help!  This is for 30 min of my time (although honestly I usually spend more time than that!). If more in-depth/add'l online design help is needed, please check out my e-design package).

I can turn around an Email Q&A within a week, so you can get an answer pretty quickly!

I provide:

·     A short questionnaire for you to fill out

·     A written response via email with links to images to illustrate my ideas

·     A general direction (not specific selections) for you to run with (again, further online design help is avail. if requested)

·     A sketch over one of the images you provide, if applicable (a picture is worth a thousand words!)

You provide:

·     Your design Q

·     Your completed questionnaire

·     Up to five photos of the space in question


By purchasing a session, you agree to allow Cachet 317 to anonymously use your design dilemma to create a blog post and/or for other marketing purposes.