Top Ten Paint Color Picks

Okay, so there are SO.MANY.PAINT.COLORS out there. Where do you even begin? First let me start by saying it is possible to avoid so many paint color mistakes and regrets (maybe not all?) by taking the time to create a plan and to test, test, test (the right way). You can never know how a color will ‘read’ in a space until you test it on the actual walls. There are just so many variables, and this is why color is tricky!

Maybe you’re like me and have made your fair share of paint color mistakes. That’s ok. Because I also hope you’ll realize that if you DO make a mistake, ‘it’s only paint’. So never fear, because IMO it’s even worse to be paralyzed by the choices and never decide at all! I’ve put together this little list of a few of my favorite whites, neutrals, and a few of my fave colors at the moment. You can think of this as a baseline for tried and true colors that will work in many homes (but test them first!). 

And ALSO….it’s hard to narrow it down to 10! I have many more that I really love, but I had to set a limit. I could easily pick 10 whites, 10 grays, 10 colors…and well, your eyes would glaze over! 

I’ve picked five Benjamin Moore and five Sherwin Williams colors. There are other quality paint brands out there, and you can always do color matching, but Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams are my go-to’s because I have samples of all the colors, I know they are quality paints, and they are readily accessible. 

Ben Moore colors

Lets start with the Benjamin Moore colors

First Is Super White. This is just pure white and bright, and while you could paint the walls with it, it is my pick for trimwork and cabinetry. Because of the name, you may be wondering if it is the WHITEST white?  Plus, you may be surprised that there are about a million white paint shades. One is even called Swiss Coffee, and it’s a white. Surprising, right? 



Then we have Cloud White. This one has a slight pink undertone, and it’s a great non-yellow white with a warm feel.



Next is White Dove. This color almost always looks amazing. It’s a warm white with a touch of cream and gray, and it’s also a fave for trim and cabinetry. Use it in a flat sheen for ceilings!  


 Kitchen Cabinets

Now let’s do a couple colors. Glass Slipper is so cool. It looks so different in different rooms. It’s a gray-blue, and I’ve heard it described like a washed out sky after a rainstorm. 


Living Room


And oh man, I never thought I liked Navy on walls (or cabinetry) until I saw Hale Navy. It is the PERFECT mix and balance of warm and cool. It looks timeless, classic, and is a deep, saturated blue. 


 Guest Bath

Now on to Sherwin Williams

SW colors

I’ve got all neutrals and colors here. 

The first one is Peppercorn. This is a wonderful color for either cabinetry or doors, or to paint out a wall that has a flatscreen TV mounted on it. What that does is help the TV ‘blend’ into the wall and not be such a focal point.  

FP wall

 Fireplace wall

Next is Repose Gray. To me, this is almost a universal gray color that I would recommend. I’ve had clients use it and rave about it. It’s such a nice, light gray that isn’t too warm or cold. 



Then we have Silver Strand, another gray. It’s so versatile, looking like a grayed out green (and maybe a hint of blue) and is especially good for rooms with little to no natural light. 



And then, Raindrop! A fresh color that looks great in small spaces – such as bathrooms – or anyplace where you want a happy color. Looks great against white trim, OR on a front door (and even porch ceiling!)     


Front Door

Finally, a black. Tricorn Black is one that I’ve recommended for doors, if you’re looking to paint them black. I love it on a mudroom door, or even an entry door. It looks so good in a gloss or high gloss finish. It could even be used on cabinetry, like a bathroom vanity or an island.

black door

 Black door                             

What do you think? Are you inspired? I just love seeing how people have used these colors. I personally have (almost) all white trim and doors, but I love seeing these black and aqua colored doors.

And PS- be sure to choose the right paint sheen for your project. This is super important, too!

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