And the survey says...(your answers to design challenges questions)

I sent out a quick survey - only 2 questions - to my email list recently, because I am so interested in what people's home decor/design challenges are.

The questions were: 

1) What are your BIGGEST challenges in design/decorating?

and 2) There's a TON of info out there - what would help you with your challenges?

I got back so many fascinating, good answers. Answers like:

Designing wall space

Envisioning creative layouts on a budget in odd shaped historic homes

Finding what I love and tying it all together

What to put on my walls - I'm at a total loss about how to decorate my walls

Making rooms flow together

Spatial Organization

What furniture to keep and/or what furniture to buy - I want a new look for my __ room

My room doesn't feel 'finished' and I don't know what to do

I need my small space/room/house to have maximum storage and function, and I don't know how.

How to downsize/get rid of sentimental items we don't need.

And for question 2, answers like:

Design magazines and pinterest, I suppose

More time and more sized pieces and local examples of setting the decorating bar higher, paired with how they accomplished that on a smaller budget

There is a ton of info but I don't have the time to sift through it, locate what I want, or often, have the ability to do it. EX: I want floating shelves. Even after I locate it, it will take me forever to get it on the wall.

Someone taking me through combining some older decor I love with new pieces so it all blends with the style I've created.

Guides based on color palette (how to used a color palette to create a flow from room to room)

Knowing what would help me and where to get it, affordably.

Having a plan or guide to follow, otherwise I don't know where to start or ever get to the point where I feel like I've 'finished' a room.


If you didn't answer the survey, what would you add?  I would love to hear! And if you did do the survey, do these other answers resonate with you? I know SO many people have these challenges, and I've been trying to come up with a hybrid of DIY/design advice that can help get a project going! Thank you for your answers!