Is Subway tile outdated?

I saw someone write somewhere that they were so tired of seeing subway tile EVERYWHERE. Not just in different houses, but the SAME EXACT tile in the kitchen as in the bathroom(s). And it made me think - huh - is that so bad? Is that BORING?  And I don't think it's either bad OR boring. I love subway tile, and I love that it's 'en vogue' again, so in my mind, it can't really be overused (maybe I shouldn't say that and jinx myself).

But for real. It's timeless. It's classic. It's not outdated (aka a trend). And here's how to tell if it's a trend or timeless.

pencil tile.png



Let's take a look at two recent tile types that you have probably seen in a house (or have yourself).

Most recently, the pencil tile. You'll see this as either a dizzying kitchen backsplash, or a stripe in a shower or tub tile surround.

mosiac tile


And before that was the mosaic tile. Same thing- either a backsplash or a strip in a tub surround.




K, so what do you think? Do those look fresh and current, or trendy? I'm guessing the latter. What do you think?


Now take a look at this bathroom:

classic tiled bathroom.png

With the hex tile and subway tile...both CLASSICS...we absolutely can't tell the age of this bathroom. It could have been done last week or last century! And that's the key to a classic.

Like a white blouse or a little black dress, it won't ever go out of style. And you know what else I love about that? It's MEANT to stick around. Which means you're not going to rip it out and replace it when the next wave (trend) comes along. And that's the biggest bummer about these trends. They are so wasteful. UGH. TRUTH: There is hella too much tile out there to choose from, and most of it is terrible. Think of how much better our spaces would look if terrible tile wasn't even picked to begin with. Am I right?

Here's an example from MY bathroom. Check out this floor tile. Trendy. I'm guessing it's early 90's and I will be replacing it someday soon with white penny tile, which is classic and should have been in it all along.

bathroom w:old tile.png