What's old is new again!



 There are those that love wallpaper, and more of us that loathe it. But that may not necessarily be the case anymore. When my husband and I bought our last house, my criteria was absolutely no wallpaper. I couldn’t stand it, and I nixed any house that had it. Well, that and wall to wall carpet everywhere. But back to the wallpaper. I remembered many a day tediously spraying and scraping wallpaper at my grandparent’s house, in which every room was wallpapered top to bottom, with several layers. I seem to recall even a ceiling or two were wallpapered. Wow. 

Anyway, I relented on the wallpaper point somewhat, because the house we ended up with did have some, but at least it was contained to a border in the kitchen and two upstairs closets. (That’s all gone now, in case you wondered.) And I’ve decided that wallpaper works in some cases, so I’ve definitely changed my tune.

That’s right, wallpaper is back in vogue, and I actually do like much of what I see. If you’ve been a previous wallpaper snob like me, you might consider it if you have an area it would work for. Some ideas: you can add an accent wall with it, like in a bedroom on a headboard wall, or add it on wainscoting for a very custom, luxe feel. You can do this without having to commit to spending hours scraping it off later or leaving it to the next owners, because today you can get amazing temporary ‘wallpaper’, which is basically like contact paper that easily goes on and peels off when you want to remove it. So guess what I’ve installed? Yep, wallpaper! Would I do an entire room in it? No, but again, a small area or a wainscot or a focal wall would be great for this, again, think of it as an accent. And because rolls range from approximately $25-45 apiece, it is definitely more of an investment than just paint and you’ll probably end up needed more than you think you will, especially when having to match a pattern. What do you think of my ‘subway tile’ walls?

PS- I made a mistake when I did this project...can you spot it?

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So forgive me for not linking, ugh, but check out the following: Devine (target has it), Spoonflower, and Tempaper for some options!