Life is gotta ask for help

I don't know about you, but I bet you're like me, always wishing for more hours in the day. With a to-do list that never seems to shrink, and in fact, keeps getting added on to, even though you're always DOING.

Yeah. I'm trying to get help working on my business, outsourcing those things I just can't do, or that take me FOREVER because I don't know how. Like this website here. And setting up ads and opt-ins and on and on...and automating as much as possible. So that I can have time to blog, which I don't do enough of. I have wonderful employees that help me immensely, in the midst of their busy lives, too, while I try to figure stuff out. Because business ownership is HARD, especially when so much has changed in my industry and in social media and it's tough to know where to focus energy a lot of times (and there's a lot of distraction, too).

And then there's my house, which is like having another child (I already have four kids so...yeah). Did I mention it's a very OLD house? VERY time consuming. And that's what brings about this post. I ask for help from my family, and now I'm starting to ask for help from my friends. And you know what? They are HAPPY to help. Just like I'm happy to help them. And it takes such a weight off. And I had a neighbor girl come weed for me, and a friend is going to come work her green thumb magic in my yard, and another friend is helping me get ready for a photoshoot (I will definitely blog THAT). Not to mention a crew of friends who helped paint our garage (and that was such a sweet relief, too). And that's the essence of what makes life go better. Not trying to do it all, but to lean on others. And to help others when we can, and accept help from others. We're all in this together.