Interior Trends this what I don't miss from years past!

I love seeing what’s trending in the Interior Design world, but don’t get me wrong: I don’t like to blindly follow trends, like fashion, I like what I like. But I love that most of what I am seeing is appealing to my aesthetic. Here’s my faves:

Quartz counters in favor of granite: YES. I’m so over granite. Most granite is ugly, frankly. Give me this clean, pretty quartz any day. And white subway tiles in a classic offset pattern. YES.

quartz counters ten june blog.png

Velvet. Oh, I love velvet! It’s so dreamy. A velvet chair, a velvet sofa, velvet down pillows, or velvet drapes even! So happy to see velvet everywhere. This photo is from a booth at the Indianapolis Home Show last week, but unfortunately I am forgetting which booth it was. So pretty!

velvet chair.jpg

Copper & matte brass. These metals are hot, and oil rubbed bronze is still going strong. Satin Nickel is good too. Shiny brass and chrome, not so much. Go ahead and mix metals (within reason!) too.

Darker wall colors. I still think you can’t go wrong with white (the right shade of white!) and grays (no beige, please!) but I am also liking the darker wall colors, that feel so cozy. Here’s Oceanside by Sherwin Williams, via Apartment Therapy:

oceanside SW apartment therapy.png

Less. Just less! More people are embracing minimalism, which is basically a path of being mindful about what you own and letting go of what doesn’t serve you. And it’s not just about STUFF. What habits are/aren’t working? What activities and groups and hobbies? What gives you life, as my kids say? I really like that we’re seeing simpler lines, less fussiness, and a thoughtfulness about how we can design our living and work spaces to support us in our lives and goals. I like it when people maximize their space with good design & organizing solutions, instead of buying a huge house with tons of space. I find those smaller, super functional homes much more inspiring and lovely!


Now, whenever I watch TV shows I pay lots of attention to the set. I can’t help it…and I’ve been on a Newhart binge (Season 1 only…unfortunately the other seasons don’t seem to be on Netflix or Hulu?!)  So when I couldn’t find more shows, I watched one episode of the Bob Newhart Show and I just can’t get over the ‘look’ of the set. This was the 70’s. And into the 80’s. SO. MUCH. PANELING. SO. MUCH. BROWN. SO. MUCH. NOPE. Ha! Good riddance, brown paneling, brown curtains, brown upholstery, and any décor that should remain in the 70’s…I hope none of these past trends circle back anytime soon, or ever. Sorry, Bob