When Less is More - The Art of Small Space Living

I went to a lovely workshop recently at the Indiana Design Center about small space living. The presenter had downsized into an apartment roughly half the size of her former home and gave great ideas on how to maximize function and have a beautiful space. I’m hearing about so many people who want to have less—less stuff, less maintenance, less to organize and clean, and less to pay for. And then in turn having more time, more freedom and flexibility, more money and more joy.  So here are my takeaways from the designers talk, and they really speak to me as I am always trying to improve my own space.

1.     The biggest challenge is storage, so get creative. In the bathroom, use a medicine cabinet to hold daily toiletries, and use shelves and brackets installed over the toilet to store additional items in covered baskets (which can also be stacked). Go vertical for storage wherever possible. The shelf and brackets also work well over doors for lesser used storage.

2.     Edit, edit, edit. Limited space means there’s a natural, external limit placed on what you can allow in to your home. This is wonderful! It forces you to really consider each and every purchase. Do I need this? Do I have space for it? Is it going to improve my life enough to justify owning and storing it?

3.     Start with Art. This designer loves art and uses it as the basis for her home design. I can’t say that I have done that but it’s intriguing. If you have art that you love, really make it a focal point and draw your palette from it.

4.     Too much color, pattern, and general ‘busy-ness’ in furnishings weighs you down. Using less can really create a beautiful, soothing backdrop for your ‘less is more’ life. 


Extra shelving and 'going vertical' is one way to enhance small spaces.

Extra shelving and 'going vertical' is one way to enhance small spaces.