My Top 5 Paint Tips

Something about spring makes me want to change things up, including paint colors. If you’re in the same boat and thinking of the same in your home, I have a few tips that I’ve found super helpful and I’m sharing them in case they help you, too.

  1. Test your paint color. Test, test, test! Buy a sample jar of the color you’re thinking of for $4 and some poster board. Paint the poster board, leaving a strip of white on one or two edges. Place on the wall in different areas of the room and see how it looks in different lights. Not only can you move it around, but leaving 1-2 edges of white will help visually separate the color you’re testing from the color already on the wall. Be sure to hold it up next to trim and other fixed elements.

  2. Pick the right finish for the space you’re painting. The paint people can help with this, but I suggest eggshell for most rooms-such as living and dining, hallways, kids rooms, etc. I have seen WAY too many flat painted walls in homes with kids, but kids or not, they look very worn very fast. Flat paint is not able to be spot cleaned well at all, plus it feels chalky and dry. I only recommend flat paint for ceilings.

  3. Invest in good tools—my fave is the 2.5 inch angled ‘shortcut’ paintbrush and those palm-sized paint rollers. I used to buy the big old paint rollers but the small ones are just perfect and so much easier to maneuver in small spaces.

  4. Consider your whole house color scheme. I mentioned this before in my decorating ‘fails,’ but I’ve made plenty of color mistakes. If you’re like me, the good news is its only paint and it can be remedied with time and effort.

  5. Finally, once you have the perfect color, write the color name, sheen, and room it was used in on the can lid in marker. Because when you amass paint cans, you WILL forget what’s what. And also, paint the color onto a paint stir stick and write where you used it. This saved me when I had to make a color match and no longer had the paint can.

I’d love to hear your tips, too. Happy Painting!