Be Picky - it's the key to your perfect space

I’ve never thought of myself as a picky person—that equates to high maintenance, which I definitely am not. But when it comes to how my house looks and functions, yes, actually I am. And that’s okay. I want my house work hard for my family and be a beautiful place to spend time. Our lives are always changing and our home should be, too.


Many people are frustrated with their homes’ décor and furniture, but they don’t know exactly why or how to ‘fix’ it. If you have a room in your house that you don’t like—maybe it’s an awkward furniture layout or a room that just seems to fall flat, I would first look critically at every piece in the room and ask yourself, ‘do I really like this?’ and also, how does the piece relate to everything else around it? Many rooms suffer from what I call ‘matchy-matchy’ syndrome*, and when you grow tired of the look you pretty much hate the entire room. If that’s the case, consider a cosmetic change or that it may be time to break up and find something more ‘you’.


There’s no rule that says you can’t remove/change matching set pieces that just don’t do it for you, because here’s the thing: your home should be a carefully curated and thoughtful space created with things that you love. I consider myself an ‘editor’ in my own house: I edit out what I don’t want, and add in what I do want. I’m always changing, and sometimes pieces I previously liked just don’t work for me or my family anymore. Out they go to make space for pieces that I do need to come into my life.


* By ‘matchy-matchy,’ I don’t mean a pair of matching armchairs, or lamps, or a set of dining room chairs or the like, I mean entire rooms of matching furniture. What makes a space interesting and alive is the look of being collected over time and with intention, and it takes patience to find the right pieces. I’d love to know—what spaces in your home are bugging you & how can you ‘edit’ them?