3 Steps to a Mudroom Makeover

Right about this time of year I start dreaming of indoor projects I can tackle to make my home better. One of the most challenging spaces we all deal with is the entry to our homes. What to do with all of the utilitarian ‘stuff’ that can look hideous dumped at the door, not to mention the space looking remotely pulled together, considering it’s basically an open closet. I’m up for a challenge though, how about you?

Here are 3 ideas you can use right now to make your space a little more beautiful and more functional. First, and I’m not counting this in my 3 tips, partly because it should be a consideration in ANY room you want to change, is to revisit your paint color. Do you need a just some paint touchups, or another color altogether? I love some classic neutrals for an (almost) instant, inexpensive change that is timeless.

1. Install coat hooks for coats, backpacks, purses, etc. My personal favorite, relatively easy update is a board and batten wall with the coat hooks installed in the boards. Such a classic look that will elevate your coats and kids’ backpacks for sure. Paint it white!

2.  Add a big, colorful area rug. Many times people throw down a small rug the size of a hand towel at their door, but go bigger with a rug that’s at least 2 by 3 feet (3 by 5 feet if space allows). This larger size really makes your space feel substantial, as well as protects your floor from wet and muddy shoes.

3. Add simple bench seating with large baskets and/or boot trays underneath. Even if you only have a small wall in which to put your ‘mudroom’, it’s doable. And you can even create a mudroom in your garage! Never underestimate how a smart, functional, well thought out space can make you feel and function.