3 Decorating Mistakes I've Made (and how to avoid them)

I love it when people ask me for decorating and design advice for their homes. I love to give it. I’m a big fan of houses and interiors, and as such I love browsing my favorite shelter magazines, instagram feeds, and pinterest. I also spend so much time in homes problem solving space issues, furniture & color choices, and other conundrums, it’s safe to say that I have always been a bit obsessed with interiors and how to improve them. But here’s my confession: I haven’t always been good at it. I’ve had my share of ‘fails’ and ‘what was I THINKING?’ moments in my own house where I’ve realized the rooms looked like someone (me) had colored (painted) them all with a different, bright Crayola (paint brush).  


Mistake number 1: Using too much color on the walls. I love color, but after making this mistake I wished I had more of a cohesive color scheme rather than each room being drastically different. I recommend more subtle wall colors and shifts between rooms, and even repeating the same color in different rooms (the living room, stairs and halls for instance).


Mistake number 2: The room that’s too crowded. A pulled together room walks the careful line between being too sparse and being overwhelming. Too much furniture, too many tchotchkes, too many toys, etc., adds up to a room that’s noisy instead of peaceful.


Mistake number 3: Hanging random pictures and prints that are scaled too small/spread out too much. I’m guilty of hanging a small collection of 4 by 6 photos over the couch, and it ended up looking weird and off. It would have been better to leave a blank wall instead, or create a gallery wall of smaller prints like these.


The good thing about painting and decorating is, it’s not permanent! Making mistakes is part of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, so try letting the process of experimentation be freeing and the cherry on top of a home you love.