Krista Bocko, owner

I have always had a desire to improve people's lives through their environment. A natural teacher, I enjoy the one-on-one nature of working with clients collaboratively to create the environment they envision.

My background is in design and I have also explored a stint in real estate. I love following real estate markets and trends! I am eco-minded and generally 'less is more' in my approach. In my free time, I renovate my 19th century house.



I moved to Hamilton county when I got married in 2005. I currently live in Noblesville and have 2 elementary kids this year in school.  

I have a background in education but decided to pursue my background in one on one tutoring for the past 10 years.  I also have a gift and love for cleaning and organizing.  I look for detail and see how it can be used the best possible way. 

I love to meet new people and this business has allowed me to grow and learn. It's hard to ask for help but our company is the best to talk to and how we  can reduce the stress and worry of selling or moving in. We are a team and work well together with our clients to create a space for you.  Staging, organizing and cleaning is our game!



I love all things design - decor, furniture, DIY projects, painting, repurposing, crafting, etc. I enjoy the creative and transformative process of updating, organizing and refining a space. As a designer and organizer, I strive to create, transform and improve each space to enhance the aesthetics, mood, function and order our clients are looking for. 

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I love to craft, enjoy camping, hiking and anything that has to do with nature. Cleaning isn't just a job for me, I actually enjoy it! I love to get creative and present new ideas for a beautiful home. When you get home after a long day you should be able to relax and that is what I strive to create- a clean, refreshing environment.

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I have a passion for all things home improvement related and have   renovated homes since my mid-20's. It seems like I've either just completed a home project or have one in the works. I live in a 19th century home and it is a labor of love. I enjoy helping clients create that space they're looking for!